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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Dallas, TX

Providing solutions to those affected by Compulsive Hoarding Disorder.

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No matter what condition your home is currently in, we are here for you.

Our years of experience and emphatic desire to help make us the perfect fit for your cleanup needs. We know firsthand how devastating and draining this process can be. Our goal is to step in, take care of business, and get the stress off your shoulders. 

The Hoarded Property Solutions team’s commitment runs deep. So deep that we are willing and able to travel to any of the lower 48 states to help you get your or your loved one’s life back on track. If we are somehow unavailable to help you, we will personally seek out references that employ our values and policies to step in. We are that committed to making sure you get the help you need when you need it most.

Remember, you are not alone.

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or someone you care about, find comfort in knowing that approximately 19 million Americans are affected by hoarding to some degree. The emotions involved are complex and require a patient and empathetic team that can guide you through the inevitable emotional hardships like anxiety and fear. Our entire team, from owners to newer staff members, were hand selected due to their integrity and lack of judgment. Although this disorder is difficult for everyone involved, you can get the healing process started today with our assistance.

Ready to take your life back? Let’s do it!

Hoarded clutter can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. You deserve to have a warm home filled with people you care about. Regardless of whether it’s a clean-up job you’re after or if you’re ready to sell your home and start anew, we can help.

You have a problem; we have a solution.

No matter how big or small your project is, know that we can handle it. The unwavering goal of the Hoarded Property Solutions team is to take on the tasks that will bring you back to a place of peace within your home. Whether it’s a one bedroom apartment or a palatial palace, we can handle it. Our intentionally designed process allows us to confidently take on any job that requires hoarding cleaning services.

We know how to effectively guide you and your family through the process, making the entire experience as seamless as possible. We will prepare you for what will take place each step of the way, hold your hand when you need it, and work as a team. 

How do I know if I need your help?

Sometimes it can be challenging to decide whether or not you’ve hit the point of needing a professional service to help you with your home. Especially when you feel a connection to the items in your home, deciding to reach out can be difficult. Below are detailed explanations of the five levels of hoarding, which can help guide you to your decision on whether or not it’s time to give us a call.


Clutter in relatively good condition is a sign of a level one on the hoarding scale. For the most part, this can be viewed as a collector rather than a true hoarder. The home may be difficult to clean with little to no space to spare, but it is in good condition overall.


 At this stage, the home has begun to lose its decent condition and transforms into a space with filth and an overwhelming amount of items. Commonly, level two hoarders begin to isolate themselves as the condition of their homes has gotten out of control. In addition, the space may begin to attract rodents, insects, and other pests.


Debris and decaying items are indicative of a level three hoarding scenario. There is likely to be trash, paper, boxes, and other unnecessary items littering the home. It will be challenging to move around freely, and any pets may begin to suffer due to the lack of space.


In most cases, level four hoarding makes the home unlivable. There is no space to eat, sleep, or bathe, and the bacteria and odors inside can cause health problems. At this point, professional assistance is vital for the health and safety of those residing there. 


 Complete interior demolition is required once level five hoarding has been determined. The home will be overrun with pests and rodents, may have human excrement and rotten food items, and may even have decaying creatures. The home has become a biohazard at this point, and the entire structure may require demolition, depending on the level of structural decay.

I’ve decided I’m ready for your help. Now what?

We are so pleased that you’ve made this life-changing decision, and we can not wait to connect with you to learn more about your personal needs. In our initial conversation, we will explain the entire process from start to finish and answer the many questions you will likely have. Although it may seem daunting, this decision is one of the best you will make in your lifetime. We pride ourselves on being entirely forthcoming, whether the news is good or bad. 

One aspect we always explain in detail to our clients is the hardship that continues after the cleaning. Just because the home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized does not mean the process ends there. For some, the emotional and financial burden is too much. This is why we chose to offer what we call our Fresh Start Option. We will purchase the home from you, take it off your hands entirely, and give you the chance to start completely anew.