We Remove the stress, from your mess!!

Ready for a fresh start? Let us get you there.


In some cases, getting the home cleared out and back to a baseline simply isn’t enough. We understand that homes hold memories, good or bad. Sometimes walking away from the home to get a brand new, fresh start is necessary for your wellbeing. Because of this, we created a cash purchase program that allows you to walk away with money in your pocket while we take the home off your hands. You can finally stop letting this experience hold you back and get on to living the life you truly deserve.

We also understand the urgency of finding a new home so you can begin this new chapter of your life. You will have cash within 48 hours, so no precious time is wasted.

Recent media and television coverage has shared the devastating effects of hoarding, but the stigma has remained. Sometimes, it is easier to simply depart the home than to deal with what comes after. We offer this option for your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your privacy is respected and that you can confidently move forward. For those that are inheriting a hoarded home, the same rings true. We will spare you from dealing with any of the hard work and let you get on with your life.

Because who doesn’t want a fresh start?

Assess the home

The very first step we take is to find out how much the home is truly worth so that we can provide you with the most accurate and fair offer possible. We understand how important this cash is to you - it’s an absolute necessity to move forward. Because of this, we will work quickly to get you an offer that can get you out there and start looking for your next home.

Provide you with options

As with any major decision in life, there are multiple options to explore. Our role is to educate you on these options so you can make a fully informed choice. We understand how confusing and complex this scenario can be. We take the time and effort to make sure you are fully aware of each choice and what it entails.

Hand over the cash

Once you’ve accepted our offer, you will be free to take away any items from the home that you would like to keep. Items like jewelry, family heirlooms, and personal artifacts are extremely important to you, and we understand that. After 48 hours, we will pass the cash to you and take care of them home ourselves.

Inheriting a hoarded property?

It can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders when you realize a hoarded property will soon be your problem to deal with. This is another reason we decided to offer our fresh start program. You can hand over the entire home to us and relieve yourself of the headache that these homes can cause. Especially for family members that don’t understand the gravity of the situation, it can be shocking when you learn about the true shape of the home. This is what we specialize in. Helping families, serving the community, and changing lives for the better.

Skip the emotional toll.

What many families don’t realize is the toll that the clean up process entails. You or your loved one will witness items being discarded that are in no shape to be kept but may hold a strong emotional attachment. It can be stressful, overwhelming, exhausting, and painful. The psychological turmoil is serious and our utmost concern. As we know, hoarding is not simply a choice and involves a deep compulsory need to hold on to the items within the home. With our fresh start option, you can avoid all of these adverse emotions, begin a new phase of recovery, and never look back. It is a beautiful thing to be able to make this choice, especially for those that aren’t sure they can handle the clean-out process.

Avoid the financial burden.

Not only can the clean-up process be a financial burden, but the costs that follow are also of concern to many families. In most cases, the entire home will need to be re-furnished, which can run up to thousands of dollars. Also, any structural damage will need to be repaired, new items like clothing, light fixtures, decor, and dishware will need to be purchased, and so much more. The entire process can be incredibly pricey, with costs ranging anywhere from $10,000 up to $60,000. With older homes, even more challenges may be faced, such as coding enforcement, restoration requirements, and more. The likelihood that the remodel or rebuilding of the home will be delayed is significant. With the Fresh Start Option, you can focus on replacing the essentials in a new space that requires zero effort to repair. Save money, time, and precious energy with the Fresh Start Option.

We can assure you that this process may sound daunting, but we make it as simple as it can be. Any items that are deemed salvageable will be set aside, cleaned, and placed in storage so that they are ready to be moved as soon as you have your next place. You’ll have what you need to embark on a new journey with cash in hand.

At Hoarded Property Solutions, we aim to provide you with a quick and efficient solution to your problem. Since our inception, we have been successfully changing the lives of our clients for the better. Although hoarding is an uncomfortable problem to request help with, we created our company to do just that. We take the stress out of your mess.