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Hoarding Cleanup Costs


Knowing what you might be in for financially is incredibly important, and we understand that. The anxiety that lies in the uncertainty keeps many people from reaching out for help. Our company prides itself on our transparency. There are no hidden costs or fees, and we will make sure you understand the gravity of the clean-up cost. In most cases, hoarding cleanup can range from $800 to $20,000 or higher. When you add in repair costs following the project, the numbers can become overwhelming.

Because each home is drastically different from one another, there is no way to provide an accurate assessment without us seeing your home. We will send a valued team member out to you so that we can see it firsthand. We will gather pictures and videos that will guide us in our final assessment of the property. There are many factors that need to be considered, and the process can not move forward until we have seen the home. Keeping you updated every step of the way is our promise to you.

Before we come out, we understand that you may need a quote to get an idea of what is ahead. Our dedicated team members have devoted their lives to helping you get yours back. We will never charge for a quote or consultation, and we will take our time explaining the process thoroughly to you. Additionally, you will be given detailed information about the likely cost of your project as well as the potential costs that may pop up. With each individual project, there is always a chance of unwelcome surprises that can add to the total cost. Contact us directly to connect with a team member and learn more about our pricing.

Factors that determine the cost.

Our goal is to make sure you understand the gravity of the cleanup process from start to finish. We clearly communicate to our clients that the work does not stop when we leave. There will inevitably be repairs, restructuring, and rebuilding that needs to take place, especially in severe hoarding situations.

There are three individual factors that guide us in our assessment of the property clean-up costs.

Property Details

The specific details of the property are vital to the cost assessment. A 1200-square-foot home will cost significantly less than a 3000-square-foot home for obvious reasons. We will need to know the size of the space, the location, and the type of property. These factors will determine how many team members we will need, the length of travel, and the amount of time and supplies needed. Because of this, the costs vary greatly due to the wide range of property variables.

Level of Hoarding

The level of hoarding within the home also impacts the cost of the service. For example, a level one hoarding clean out will be less costly than a level five. We have to factor in how much staff we will need and how long the project will take. We also have to consider the potential damage to the building that could cause safety concerns. The greater the project, the greater the cost.

Hazardous Materials

Finally, we will need to determine whether or not there is a large presence of hazardous material within the home. This can add on additional time to the project as we need to navigate these hazards cautiously. Some examples of hazardous material can be needles, human and animal waste, blood, and other medical waste. The safety of our team is of the utmost priority to us, and we will require specialized suits called PPE in order to execute this kind of clean up.

Clean up pricing vs. Repair costs

It is important to remember that the project does not end as soon as we leave. Below we have attached graphics that detail the average costs of both clean up and repairs, based on the usual projects we see. You may use these as a guideline to help determine a ballpark figure of your own project’s cost. These fees are general and are only meant to give an idea. There are many factors that will cause these prices to deviate from what is seen below. Depending on the state your home is in, and how accessible the building is, these can vary quite a bit.

Why choose Hoarded Property Solutions?

While there is a large market of clean up companies countrywide, very few companies specialize in hoarding clean up specifically. Additionally, the years of experience we have allows us to share our expertise with those who need it most. Although you could use a traditional clean up service, opting for a company that specializes in hoarding situations is vital for the efficiency of the project. We will save you time and money while we use our first-hand experience to clean out your home. We offer intentional support throughout the entire process as well as providing you with the Fresh Start Option. At the end of the day, we want to see you and your loved ones back on track.

Does the process seem too difficult, overwhelming, or expensive? Not to worry, our Fresh Start Option could be a perfect fit for you. Reach out to us directly, and we can talk you through the process. Let us take the house off your hands so that you and your family can put this experience behind you.