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The stigma associated with hoarding can take an emotional toll on those affected as well as their loved ones. It can make asking for help with the cleanup feel like a challenge that simply can’t be tackled. We are proudly committed to honoring the respect and courtesy that you deserve while giving you your life back.

Our Highly Efficient 3-Step Process

Clutter Removal

 The very first step in our process involves the removal of clutter from the home. Specifically, items that can be easily removed without the need for evaluation. This typically consists of trash, non-valuable items, and debris. In most cases, the majority of the home is overrun by clutter, which makes this step of the process extremely important in order to continue cleaning the home. 

Next, we sort through items that may have value to them and set them aside for evaluation. We understand that these items have meaning to you, and we will never throw away anything that could be deemed a personal item. Prior to beginning our clutter removal process, we will establish clear communication to understand your personal needs.

At first glance, the amount of clutter visible within the home can be extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, this is exactly what we are professionally trained to handle. We will quickly enter the home and remove the clutter that feels like a weight on your chest. Once the clutter is removed completely, we can move on to the new step in our meticulous process.

The emotional attachment to the items inside can make the clutter clearing triggering for the homeowner. That’s where we come in. We take this emotionally draining process out of your hands and single handedly address the mess.

Our years of experience allow us to confidently promise a quick and easy solution to your hoarding problem. Please reach out directly at (940) 783-3980 to learn more about how we can help with no obligations required.

Gross Filth Cleanup

It’s inevitable that grime and filth will accumulate in a hoarding environment. It is not until after the clutter removal portion of our process is completed that we can see the degree to which this exists. Some of the most common examples of gross filth are mold, insect or rodent colonies, and other hazards. Removing these potential hazards from the home safely and efficiently is how we can help. 

Gross filth has the potential to permanently damage the home as well, which is why professional intervention is vital. Structural features of the home may wear away, compromising the integrity of the home. This could result in collapsed ceilings, walls, and load bearing structures. For your own safety, the cleaning portion of our process is absolutely crucial.

Many companies offer simply clearing out the clutter, whereas we take it so much further. We gladly assist with all stages of the process, no matter what. Our passion lies in transforming the homes of those that need it most. Returning your home into the safe space it is intended to be is what motivates us at the end of the day. 

Sanitation Services

Over the years, hoarded clutter can become a hazard to those that live there. This can be due to several factors such as decaying trash, bacterial growth, and chemical spills. The home will require detailed, professional level cleaning that simply can not be done on your own. Your health and safety is our utmost priority, and the quicker we can intervene, the better.

Some areas of the home are more prone to dangerous bacteria such as the bathroom and kitchen areas. These areas contain moisture, leftover food particles, spillage, and so much more. Over time, these messes can reach a point where professionals are necessary to remove them. Attempting to sanitize a previously hoarded home yourself can be incredibly dangerous.

Our promise to you is that once we are done, your home will once again be a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. Our professional team will ensure that all the salvageable items have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Internal aspects of the home such as walls, counters, and cabinetry will be cleaned, sanitized, and ready to go as well.

Why Us?

Your privacy is important to us. Many homeowners refrain from reaching out for help due to the stigma or judgment they worry they may experience. We respect your privacy immensely, and perform our cleaning duties in an inconspicuous manner. This means no labeled dumpsters with terms like “junk” or any obvious methods that could make you uncomfortable. 

We lead with compassion, which is vital in situations where hoarding occurs. We deeply empathize with how challenging this clean up process can be for those affected by hoarding tendencies. The only way to move forward and to finally leave hoarding in the past is to get a complete home refresh. Our process makes the experience as simple as possible and the end result will allow you to start fresh with a newly cleared, cleaned, and sanitized space.

If getting the home cleared simply isn’t enough for you to move forward, we will gladly provide a cash offer within 48 hours that can allow you to walk away from the emotional burden this home has caused you. You can avoid the financial hardship that often follows after a home has been gutted and cleaned. This way, you can find a new safe space that will bring you years of peace to come.

Even when it feels impossible, find solace in our team. We will be by your side from start to finish so that you can walk into this next stage of life with confidence, excitement, and support.

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